Galaxy S6 Edge + Dummy Unit Leaks – Show A Size Similar To The Note 4

It’s been weeks since we first heard about the Galaxy S6 Edge +, and today we’ve got our first real life photos of the device. Well, its in-store dummy unit anyway. Shown next to a Galaxy Note 4, the Galaxy S6 Edge + looks to be nearly identical in size, while still retaining the same design seen on the standard S6 Edge. This helps to reinforce the possibility that the Galaxy S6 Edge + will have a 5.7″ inch display.

There’s nothing else new about the Galaxy S6 Edge +. It retains the same dual-edge display and all the same camera and sensor placement. It’s expected that we’ll see the Galaxy S6 Edge + launched within the next month, give or take, possibly announced alongside the upcoming Galaxy Note 5.

Source: AllAboutSamsung
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