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WSJ: Hulu Might Offer An Ad-Free Pricing Tier

WSJ: Hulu Might Offer An Ad-Free Pricing Tier

According to the Wall Street Journal, Hulu is currently working on offering a new pricing tier which would offer all of Hulu’s streaming library, but without advertisement breaks. Many consider the one main downside to Hulu the ad breaks. Since Hulu already charges monthly and includes ads, it can be viewed as a bit of a downside. However now it seems the company is working to fix that problem.

The change essentially comes down to this. Hulu would add a new pricing tier that would cost somewhere in between $12 – $14 and would completely remove ads from the service. While that is double, it still gives Hulu the advantage of their competitors in having fresh content almost right away.

It’s possible that this new service would be available as soon as fall of 2015.

The report also says that Hulu’s owners would still support and avoid cannibalizing the ad-supported service. Rather, they would focus on improving ads shown on the service to only include those which are most relevant to their customers.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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