AT&T Puts A Pause On The Android 5.1 Update For The 2013 Moto X

A couple weeks ago AT&T began pushing the latest Android update to the 2013 Moto X, Android 5.1 The new update is something users have been asking for for quite a while, but effective as of July 20th, the update was put on pause without official word as to why. AT&T did confirm that they are working to fix the issues, but it’s unknown how long that could take.

Since many users did recieve the update, we know exactly where to turn to find out what’s wrong. While some users report absolutely nothing wrong after the update, many complain of speaker issues and noticeable software bugs. Since this is a pretty big update, this sort of thing is to be expected. AT&T will likely have a revised OTA available soon after they’ve fixed these bugs.

Source: AT&T


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