CONFIRMED: Samsung Pay Will Not Work On A Rooted Device

One of the most anticipated, but yet to be released, Galaxy S6 features is Samsung Pay. The new mobile payments system takes mobile payments to a new level since it works with just about any credit card reader. However cool things aside, let’s talk about one bad thing about Samsung Pay. It doesn’t work if you’re phone is rooted.

We’ve heard that this would be the case in the past, but thanks to a user in South Korea who has been demoing the service, we now know for sure that Samsung Pay simply will not work if your device is rooted. The screenshot below shows what will happen if a user attempts to use Samsung Pay with a rooted device.

A user will be prompted when a rooted device attempts to use Samsung Pay.

A user will be prompted when a rooted device attempts to use Samsung Pay.

While this may be viewed as a downside for users who enjoy a rooted Galaxy S6, let’s see this from Samsung’s perspective. A rooted device is after all less secure, so odds are this restriction is simply for sake of security. It’s not probable that something that would go wrong just because your rooted, but the number of security issues is far higher on a rooted device than a non-rooted device.

Samsung Pay is expected to finally launch in the United States and other regions in August or September following the announcement of the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge +.

So the question remains, would you rather be able to use Samsung Pay, or have a rooted device? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Via: Phandroid
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