Google Chromecast Turns 2 – Free Google Play Movie Rentals To Celebrate

It’s almost hard to believe that the Google Chromecast has already been around for 2 full years. Since it’s announcement it’s been the streaming stick of choice for millions and for good reason, it’s awesome! To celebrate the anniversary, Google is offering a free movie rental in Google Play to anyone who owns a Google Chromecast or Android TV device. This would apply to the Nexus Player, NVIDIA SHIELD, Razr Forge, and any other Android TV devices.

Before I explain how to redeem the free rental, let’s just point out that this is a US only promotion. Sorry international readers!

To redeem your free rental, open this link on your computer (you’ll need to use the Chrome browser with the Chromecast extension installed). Follow the steps on screen and choose your Chromecast to redeem the rental. You can also choose any network connect Android TV box as well to redeem. If you’ve taken advantage of previous free rental offers Google may block you from using the promotion, but you may get around it by using a different Chromecast.

Get a free rental on Google Play!

Get a free rental on Google Play!

If you don’t yet have a Chromecast, Google and Amazon both have offers available. On the Google Store you can buy two units and get $15 off the total ($55 instead of $70). You can also head over to Amazon and get one for $29.99 ($5 off).

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