Next Moto 360 Supposedly Hits The FCC As “Motorola Smart Watch”

A Motorola event has come and gone and we still don’t have a new Moto 360. We know it’s coming, and Motorola has even confirmed it’ll be within the next few months, however we still don’t know exactly when. Today however the guys over at Droid Life have picked up on a new “Motorola smart watch” passing through the FCC.

The FCC leak doesn’t provide a ton of information about the new watch, which of course is most likely the new Moto 360, but it does help us to confirm that it’s on it’s way soon. The upcoming second generation Moto 360 is expected to bring an updated design and internal specifications. We don’t know anything specific as of yet, but we’re certainly excited to get our hands on it.

Source: FCC
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