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T-Mobile Adds Apple Music To Music Freedom, New iPhone Upgrade Offer

T-Mobile Adds Apple Music To Music Freedom, New iPhone Upgrade Offer

T-Mobile has been ramping up their offers in the last few weeks and customers having been loving it. Today John Legere took to Twitter to announce the next Uncarrier Amped move and this time it’s been all about Apple.

First of all, Apple Music has been added to Music Freedom. This means that you can stream all the Apple Music songs and stations as much as you want on T-Mobile and it won’t ever count against your 4G LTE data allotment. This takes effect immediately.

Continuing on the Apple train, T-Mobile also announced a new upgrade offer for the iPhone. Since a new model is right around the corner, the carrier will upgrade your current iPhone 6 to the next model without a change in price. That means the $15 you’re paying right now for the standard 16GB iPhone 6 will be the same when you upgrade to a comparable next gen model. This applies to both current iPhone 6 owners and those who are about to pick one up. This offer runs through September 7th (iPhone 6s release date?!?! #hype).

Today’s announcement was the last Uncarrier Amped announcement for this summer as well. However Legere did confirm that we’ll be seeing more changes down the road since they “won’t stop making our Uncarrier moves better.”

Source: T-Mobile

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