[DEAL ALERT] Get A Chromecast On Amazon, Get A Free $10 Gift Card

We’ve seen many, many deals on the Chromecast in the past, but today Amazon is offering a new deal on the Chromecast which is pretty sweet. If you buy a Chromecast from Amazon, they will give you a $10 Amazon gift card for free. That’s a pretty sweet deal in itself, but throw in the fact that the Chromecast is already $5 off on Amazon, and you’ve got yourself a no brainer. In the words of Shia LaBeouf, JUST DO IT!

If you’re looking to pick up multiple Chromecasts, Google is also offering a deal on the device which offers $15 off two Chromecasts. That brings the price from $70 to $55. Both of these deals are both worth checking out. Links are available below.

Amazon | Google Store

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