We’re Giving Away Three VR For G3 Headsets!

There’s little doubt you’ve heard about Google Cardboard. It’s easily the most inexpensive forms of VR and it works great. However due to it’s own faults, Google Cardboard isn’t exactly optimized to a certain phone. If you’re an LG G3 owner, LG has you covered. Last year they announced their VR for G3 headset and we’ve been playing with one lately here at iTechTriad.

VR for G3 works identically to Google Cardboard, but the construction is much better. It’s made of sturdy plastic and is designed to fit the LG G3 perfectly. While it does work with a couple of other devices, including the HTC One M9, you should really use it with the LG G3. In case you’re wondering, no, it doesn’t work with the new LG G4.

There are thousands of apps available on Google Play for the headset as well. A couple of my favorites include VR Roller Coaster and Flappy for Cardboard.

While the VR For G3 headset does come bundled with some G3 units, you can’t really buy it anywhere on it’s own. However, we’re giving away 3 brand new VR for G3 headsets right here! Simply use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter!

We're giving away 3 brand new VR for G3 headsets!

We’re giving away 3 brand new VR for G3 headsets!

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