World’s First 4K AMOLED Display Unveiled With A Massive 734 PPI

High resolution smartphone displays aren’t going anywhere, and they are just going to continue getting more ridiculous. To take things to a whole new level, Everdisplay has unveiled the world’s first AMOLED display that has a 4K resolution.

The China-based display manufacturer has created this display, not for televisions, but for 6″ inch display sizes. The display has a pixel density of 734 PPI which is a massive jump over the current record in the smartphone arena which is held by the 5.1″ QHD display on the Galaxy S6. If we ever do see this panel in a smartphone, it will certainly spell trouble for the battery. There’s nothing faster than light, but any battery that is hooked up to this display might just prove that wrong. Everdisplay hasn’t mentioned that their aiming to bring this panel to the smartphone market, but they are going to try and place it in Virtual Reality products in the future.

Source: Everdisplay
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