This Might Be A Keyboard Attachment For The Galaxy S6 Edge+, But Hopefully It’s Fake

We’re less than a week from the official announcement of the Galaxy S6 Edge+, but the leaks aren’t slowing down. The latest from @evleaks shows us an interesting accessory that adds physical keys to the phone. The keyboard appears to attach using a simple snap-on design. It’s possible that the keyboard functions via Bluetooth or using the microUSB port, but either way, I think we can all agree that this thing is nothing short of hideous. The physical keys could very well be good for those who need to be productive of their phones, but it really does ruin the otherwise very good looks of this device.

As of right now we don’t know if this will be an official accessory or if this is just the best prank @evleaks has ever pulled off, but either way, what do you think? If this did exist, would you buy it? Let us know in the comments.

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