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Fave Five: Top 5 Icon Packs for July 2015

Fave Five: Top 5 Icon Packs for July 2015

“Material” Fatigue Influences Fave Five

July was a great month for icon packs loosely based on Google’s Material Design guidelines. The problem arises when the market gets flooded with “Material” icon packs that resemble stock Lollipop icons a bit too closely, thus they resemble each other a bit too closely. As long as icon pack designers continue to see “Material” icon packs in the Play Store showing download counts in the thousands, I imagine the trend will continue to grow unchecked for the foreseeable future. Personally, I’m starting to get “Material” fatigue, so my choices for July tend to avoid this latest fad.

Enyo Orange by Coastal Images ($1.25)

Legendary icon pack designer Andrew Daniel Gallagher (aka “SC” for “Seriously Crazy”) recently returned to the Play Store as part of Coastal Images, and they’ve already released a flood of new icon pack designs. My personal preference of their catalog so far is Enyo Orange, which features white glyphs with long shadows placed over circular orange bases bordered with light metallic bezels.

Enyo Orange is available for $1.25 in the Play Store

Enyo Orange is available for $1.25 in the Play Store

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