Satechi Waterproof Kindle Case Review

Amazon’s Kindle lineup has been a long time favorite of heavy readers. It’s great in many ways, but one feature which is seemingly always missing, even though it would make total sense, is water and dust resistance. If you’re reading at the beach your device is prone to sand and the waves. If you’re around the pool, there’s always a chance the device might get knocked into the water. And who hasn’t wanted to use their device in the hot tub? Luckily Satechi has you covered with their waterproof Kindle case.

Available for $24.99, this case fits the current generation Kindle Papaerwhite and base model Kindle. Using a plastic casing, this case creates an airtight seal around your device to keep it safe from water. I tested the case with my own Kindle in the pool and it held up very well. I used the case both in the pool just lounging and also in the water. For good measure I even took the entire thing underwater just to see how it would do. Let’s put it this way, you could definitely read underwater with this case if you wanted to.

To use the case, simply open up the plastic casing and slide your Kindle inside. It’s a bit of a tight fit, but be patient and you should have no problem. After the device is inside, seal the casing and fold it to prevent any leaks. I do recommend that you try to get as much air out as you can before sealing as the touch functionality is affected if there is too much air inside.

One great feature of this case is that the folding cover actually has a float inside to help keep the Kindle and the case up at the surface. This is very useful when you need to put the device down for a moment.

Bring your Kindle anywhere, even the pool, in this waterproof case!

Bring your Kindle anywhere, even the pool, in this waterproof case!

At $25, this waterproof Kindle case is a solid option for any Kindle fan. I wouldn’t quite say it’s a “must have accessory”, but if you use your Kindle near water, it’s certainly worth the price tag. You can pick it up direct from Satechi on their website or through Amazon in either Black or Orange.

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