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Motorola Just Tweeted Out What Is Probably The New Moto 360

Motorola Just Tweeted Out What Is Probably The New Moto 360

Remember how we all expected the new Moto 360 to be released alongside the Moto X last month? Yeah, that didn’t happen. However we have been continuing to hear bits and pieces of information regarding the watch since then and today we’ve got a look at what is probably the new watch. Direct from Motorola’s Twitter account came a short video which showed off the new watch in a render.

Right away there’s a few things you’ll notice about the watch. First of all, the flat tire returns. Second, the top and bottom of the watch now have “lugs” which hold the band. “Lugs” refers to the extended portion of the watch which holds the pin and band. Last but not least, you’ll also notice that the button has been moved up the watch a bit rather than remaining at the center.

Now let’s keep in mind that until Motorola makes it official, this is not the final version we should expect. Other hardware changes could be added before the release. One anonymous source has already told us that this is not a final render. Hopefully if anything does change with the design, it’ll be the removal of the flat tire on the display.

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