Concept Shows Off Just How Awesome Android’s Sharing Menu Could Be

One of the best things about Android is the sharing options. It’s well integrated with just about every app and it does exactly what users want. However it’s not exactly the prettiest thing out there, and the functionality could be improved. How so? Well in a new concept, designer Miroslav Vitula shows us just how awesome the sharing menu on Android could be.

We understand if you start drooling while watching this...

We understand if you start drooling while watching this…

The first thing you’ll notice in the concept is the drool-worthy material design in this concept. This is material design in it’s purest form and it’s one of the best uses I’ve ever seen of it. However the fun doesn’t stop there.

In the current version of Android, selecting an option in the share menu opens up the app and allows you to share. However in this version, selecting an options opens the functionality inside of the sharing menu. The purpose here is to not distract you from the task you’re currently working on. So you hit share, send out your content, and then you’re sent back to your current task without it ever going out of view.

This isn’t the first gorgeous concept from Vitula either. Previously he created this gem showing off Android’s rotation function with a beautiful new animation. So here’s the goal for you guys,  help get this guy a job at Google! We hope you’re listening Duarte!

Via: Phandroid
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