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Lenovo Yoga Tablet 3 Leaks – Claims Crazy 20 Hour Battery Life

Lenovo Yoga Tablet 3 Leaks – Claims Crazy 20 Hour Battery Life

Twitter based leaker @upleaks has just posted a handful of leaked promotional materials for the unannounced Lenovo Yoga Tablet 3. While we don’t know much about the tablets yet, these materials do reveal a lot in terms of the looks and the features.

The first thing you’ll notice is the unique design. Like previous Yoga tablets this one retains the kickstand design, but this time adds what appears to be a rotating camera, at least on one model. Other images show the tablet from other angles and it appears to exclude this feature. It’s possible that smaller variants of the Yoga Tablet 3 could use this camera feature, but the larger models could exclude it entirely.

In the second leaked image we see what I assume is the 10″ or 13″ Yoga Tablet 3. Alongside this one is some text which reveals a few more details. Most notably here is the mention 20 hour battery claims. To put that in perspective, the current generation of Yoga tablets claims only 10 hours of battery life, and their battery life is outstanding on all models.


Lenovo’s Yoga Tablet 3 lineup should be expected to be unveiled at IFA in September. While some of the details of these leaks are a bit sketchy, most of what is mentioned is what we should expect when these tablets are announced. We’ll undoubtedly be bring reviews of all these tablets after their release. Stay tuned for that.


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