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[DEAL ALERT] The Alcatel OneTouch Pixi3 (4) Is On Sale For £20 From Carphone Warehouse In The UK

[DEAL ALERT] The Alcatel OneTouch Pixi3 (4) Is On Sale For £20 From Carphone Warehouse In The UK

Among Android OEM’s there is two races. The first is to create the greatest, most beautiful and desirable Android phone. The second is to create the cheapest, one that hooks first time smartphone users into the Android ecosystem.

The Acatel OneTouch Pixi3 (4), to give it its full name belongs to the second race. Carphone Warehouse in the UK right now has the Pixi3 on sale for only £19.99. Yes you read that right, less than £20, for our American readers that is just about $30.

For your money you are going to get a 4 inch 800 x 480 screen, a 2MP camera, a 1GHz MediaTek processor and a SD card slot to expand the 4gb of storsge. All wrapped in some KitKat goodness. Also, since it is CPW the phone will be not be locked to any one network. Plus the Pixi3 does come with Quad-band support meaning that it will accept and work with some US carrier sim cards.

How is this even possible? I cannot get my head around this. I know it wont be amazing but still…..for 20 notes. Damn. We are going to be getting one of these in to test if it really is worth your money. Any questions you have please let us know and we will answer them for you. Or if you cannot wait click the link below to order one now.

Buy the Acatel OneTouch Pixi3 (4) from the Carphone Warehouse here.

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