The Galaxy Note 5 Might Get The Battery It Deserves In Rumored Active Model

We’ve seen it happen on the past couple Galaxy S variants. A couple months after the release, Samsung and AT&T join forces to release a rugged, water resistant, and longer-lasting version of that year’s flagship. So far, we haven’t seen that happen on anything but the S lineup, however that might change this year. According to the latest rumors, Samsung is planning on releasing a Galaxy Note 5 Active later this year.

Along with the expected rugged redesign and water resistance, the Note 5 Active would also a 4100 mAh battery. That’s nearly a 37% increase in battery capacity! Aside from that, specs are expected to be identical to the standard Galaxy Note 5. The launch is expected to come in the second week of November and the device would be an AT&T exclusive, at least in the United States.

Via: Pocketnow
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