Moto 360L And Moto 360S Leak In New Photos

While we’re all waiting eagerly for the next Moto 360, one of the things many of us haven’t been remembering is that the next Moto 360 is coming in two sizes. With a large (Moto 360L) and small (Moto 360S) option available, the next 360 should appeal to a whole new set of users.

In new photos uncovered by hellomotoHK, we get our first look at these two watches. As seen in the header above, the Moto 360S is considerably smaller than the original Moto 360. This will undoubtedly appeal to users with smaller wrists as the original Moto 360 was admittedly a bit big for some.

In the picture below we get a look at what is presumably the Moto 360L. This larger model isn’t pictured with anything to give a proper scale in size, but it does appear quite large on this user’s wrist. More than likely this model will be the same size as the original.

Allegedly the Moto 360L

Allegedly the Moto 360L

Which model would you pick up, Moto 360L, or Moto 360S? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: hellomotoHK
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