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T-Mobile Says They Are Going After “Thieves” Who Are Bypassing Tethering Limits

T-Mobile Says They Are Going After “Thieves” Who Are Bypassing Tethering Limits

T-Mobile is a popular choice for many for one main reason, they always seem to do what people want. Everything they’ve done in the past couple years has been for the most part a positive move for their customers. However last night CEO John Legere unveiled one of the latest moves T-Mobile is making, they are putting an end to those who pass their tethering limits.

Calling them “theieves”, these are the users who surpass the 7GB cap that has been on tethering for a while now by using their unlimited data plans to use as much tethering as they want. Legere claims that some users have used as much as 2TB this way and that it’s affecting other customers speeds and bandwith.

T-Mobile claims they have set up a new method of detecting who is using tethered against T-Mobile’s wishes and starting today the company will warn the 3,000 customers they have found abusing the network. Those users will be told to either stop overusing tethering on the network or they will be forced onto a smaller, limited data plan.

It’s unknown exactly how T-Mobile is detecting users who are doing this, and maybe there will be a workaround, but I have a feeling T-Mobile is not going to let up on this one. As much as you may feel that they unlimited data you pay is your unlimited data, T-Mobile still doesn’t want you running your whole home network off of this. In a way I see where they are coming from, but I do personally think they’ve gone about this the wrong way. There’s certainly a valid argument for trying to slow down those abusing a network’s bandwith with 2TB of use (seriously I don’t even know how that’s possible), but I don’t think you can claim users are “stealing” the data in this case.

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