There Was Going To Be A Budget Moto 360, Until Motorola Cancelled It

Motorola unveiled their second generation Moto 360 earlier this week and it’s certainly an impressive offering from several aspects. My biggest gripe however is the price point. At a starting price of $299, it’s out of reach for many customers. With other cheaper options out there, Motorola missed a chance here, but it seems that’s their own fault.

According to a recent leak from one of Motorola’s industrial designer’s Imaan Naeem, there was going to be a “Value Tier” Moto 360, but it was cancelled.

The cancelled "Value Tier" Moto 360

The cancelled “Value Tier” Moto 360

The Moto 360 “Value Tier” would have been a significantly cheaper version of the second gen 360 (we’re talking about $50-$100 cheaper here) that would have sacrificed extra features like a heart rate sensor, and changed others like the method in which the band worked. This model would have shipped with a cloth band that was secured with metal bars. Otherwise it would have been essentially the same device.

The "Value Tier" Moto 360 would have had a different approach to watch bands.

The “Value Tier” Moto 360 would have had a different approach to watch bands.

Why this was cancelled is a mystery. Hopefully Motorola will come to their senses and bring this product to market as, at least in my opinion, it looks pretty interesting. I’d certainly consider one. How about you? Would you have bought a “Value Tier” Moto 360? Let us know in the comments below!

"Value Tier" Moto 360

“Value Tier” Moto 360

Via: WatchFaceADay
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