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Samsung Working To Bring 6GB Of RAM To Smartphones

Samsung Working To Bring 6GB Of RAM To Smartphones

Just last month Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Note 5, the first mainstream smartphone to pack 4GB of RAM. Many could consider that overkill, but now the company is pushing toward a new goal, 6GB. Samsung has just announced that they will begin mass-production of 12Gb LPDDR4 DRAM modules which translate to about 1.5GB per module. With four of these modules stacked, you could easily pack 6GB of RAM in a smartphone with no more area than is currently taken up.

The new DRAM is also much faster with a 30% increase in speed and 20% energy use reduction. Samsung already teased that upcoming flagships (undoubtedly the Galaxy S7 or Note 6) will offer 6GB of RAM when they are released.

Source: Samsung Tomorrow

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