Fonesalesman Announces FurniQi Wireless Charging Furniture – Coming Soon

It’s taken a long time, but wireless charging is finally starting to go mainstream. With phones like the Galaxy S6, Note 5, and more bringing built in wireless charging, it’s more likely than ever that you have a phone with wireless charging. There are thousands of wireless chargers on the market, and we’ve reviewed many right here on our website, but if you want something that blends in a bit more, than FurniQi might be for you.

FuriQi is new wireless charging furniture from Fonesalesman which integrates wireless charging directly into your furniture. Simply place your phone on the charging area, and it starts charging. The first piece of furniture to release will be a side table made from hand-harvested bamboo.

“Marking our entry into the world of furniture, we have put a lot of thought into the table’s design and usability.” Bavan Palasanthiran, founder of Fonesalesman, comments .”The FurniQi side table is incredibly easy to assemble taking a mere 60 seconds from opening up the box to having a complete table ready to charge your device. This table brings wireless power naturally to your home, meaning charging your smartphone is now more convenient than ever.”

The first FurniQi product to market will be a side table.

The first FurniQi product to market will be a side table.

FurniQi will launch next month on Indiegogo. If you head over to you can sign up for updates on the project and also get early bird discounts on other Fonesalesman products.

Source: Fonesalesman
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