Cyanogen CEO Says Cortana Will Be Deeply Integrated Into Cyanogen OS

You’ve almost certainly heard of CyanogenMod. The company behind that, Cyanogen, has just revealed some interesting details about the future of Cyanogen OS. CEO Kirk McMaster has revealed that Cyanogen is working directly with Microsoft to integrate Cortana into the next version of CyanogenOS.

In an interview with International Business Times, McMaster revealed these plans as shown below.

McMaster revealed that Cyanogen is working with Microsoft to deeply integrate Cortana into the next version of Cyanogen OS. This is key to catapulting Cyanogen into the mass market, he asserts: Cortana is currently available as an app on Android, but in order for it to make a real difference, it needs to be able to be integrated at the OS level so that its full potential can be leveraged.

Cortana originally debuted on Windows Phone, and has since made the jump to Windows 10 and also Android, however on Android it is nothing more than an app. It does make sense that Cortana would prove useful if it were a better integrated part of the OS, so personally I’m excited to see where this goes. It’s likely that it will be several months before you can get your hands on builds of Cyanogen OS with Cortana built in, but int the meantime you can download it for yourself.

Via: Android Police
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