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Google Preparing New Chromecast Announcements For This Month – New Hardware, Faster WiFi, Spotify Support And More

Google Preparing New Chromecast Announcements For This Month – New Hardware, Faster WiFi, Spotify Support And More

According to a new rumor out of 9to5Google, Google is preparing a slew of new Chromecast announcements later this month that will bring some huge updates to the platform as a whole. First and foremost, next generation hardware. The second generation Chromecast (pictured below) brings a brand new design that comes in 3 different colors. The new more rounded design is certainly a departure from what we have right now, and honestly we’re not exactly sure what to expect when this does in fact launch. The outside isn’t the only thing being updated however. On the internal Google is updating this new Chromecast with 802.11 b/g/n/ac WiFi which should greatly improve connection speeds.

Alleged second generation Chromecast.

Alleged second generation Chromecast.

On the software side, this new Chromecast will include a handful of new features. One of these is called “Feeds” and it will allow users to play specific content on the backdrop screensaver on their Chromecast. It’s unclear what data users will be able to add at this point, but it’s expected to be social media feeds, image feeds, and possibly the news. Another new feature is called “Fast Play” which would allow users to play content quicker and more seamlessly. This would be seen on the user’s end as a much faster reaction time when the Cast button is hit on their device.

It also seems that Google is taking a strong interest in audio on this new iteration with “Chromecast Audio”. This would allow you to directly plug your Chromecast into any audio system and would allow users to play audio from apps as well as mirroring from Android and Chrome on their speaker system. To further emphasize on audio, Google is also expected to announce that Spotify will support Chromecast in their app, something many users have wanted for a long time now.

"Chromecast Audio"

“Chromecast Audio”

All of these announcements, including the new hardware, are expected to come at Google’s rumored September 29th Nexus event, We’ll have to wait and see if this does come true, but nonetheless we couldn’t be more excited to see update Chromecast hardware on the way after two years of near silence.

Source: 9to5Google

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