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Here’s Full Android 5.1.1 Working On A Samsung Gear S Smartwatch

Here’s Full Android 5.1.1 Working On A Samsung Gear S Smartwatch

Ever wanted to run the entire Android operating system on your smartwatch? Well, probably not. Either way though, check out what developer Jayson Koo did with his Samsung Gear S. Thanks to the flexibility of Android (and CyanogenMod), he has gotten a full featured version of Android 5.1.1 Lollipop working on Samsung’s biggest smartwatch.

As seen in the video, this is actually not too bad. Most apps and the interface itself works fine, but both WiFi and Bluetooth are not functioning. The developer claims that SIM functionality is working however. Surprisingly, this ROM runs pretty well on the Gear S.

Of course a lot of work will be required for this ROM to be considered stable or even fit for daily use. The developer mentions that the device freezes when it goes to sleep and that it runs very hot while using the ROM. Regardless, it does show a lot of promise. As a final tease, the developer actually teases that he wants to bring Android Wear to the watch, but it’s unknown if he would or could actually do that.

The question remains however, if this ROM did become stable, would you install it on your Gear S?

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