Get Ready For Your New Nexus With Some Extra USB C Cables!

Tomorrow is Nexus Day in the Android world. Google is set to announce the next two phones to proudly bear the Nexus name at an event in San Francisco. If you are planning on pre-ordering tomorrow you might want to think about is ordering a few extra USB C cables. USB C is the new standard that Google will be using on Nexus devices going forward, it already made an appearance on the updated Chromebook Pixel which was released earlier this year.

The new standard will bring in faster charging and greater data transfer speeds. The most important thing to know here is all these benefits will not work with any of the older type 2.0 cables you have currently lying around. While you will get one in the box when you buy your Nexus of choice, we all know owning one cable is never enough. Luckily Amazon has you covered with a range of cables. Perhaps it is fate, or just good timing but many USB C cables are on sale right now, some with very good discounts. Here is a roundup of some of the best deals we have found on Amazon. This way you can make sure you have a couple of spare in hand by the time you get your new phone.

All prices correct at the time of writing.

Amazon US

Yoobao's USB C cable is a solid deal at just $7.99

Yoobao’s USB C cable is a solid deal at just $7.99

Amazon UK

Orzly has a slew of USB C options available right now!

Orzly has a slew of USB C options available right now!

One other product worth mentioning is the USB C adapter sold by OnePlus. This is a great product if you’ve got some microUSB cables you just can’t replace. At $9.99, it’s not too bad a deal either. You can buy that from OnePlus here.

Do you have recommendations for USB C cables? Drop a link in the comments below, we’d love to see what you’re considering!

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