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OnePlus Begins Selling Their USB-C Cable For $5.49

OnePlus Begins Selling Their USB-C Cable For $5.49

Looking for a new USB-C cable for your OnePlus Two or new Nexus? Well, now you have another option. OnePlus has officially begun selling their official USB-C cable for just $5.49. There are two models available, 100cm (3.3ft) and 150cm (5ft). They are priced at $5.49 and $6.99 respectively. Other than cost, these cables are attractive due to their durability. They use a flat, tangle free design and have thick shielding to increase durability. The standard USB end (where you plug into a wall adapter or computer) is also reversible.

Shipping on these cables will run you $4.99, but considering the low cost of these cables in the first place, I wouldn’t call that the end of the world. You can pick up one of your own at the link below or check out our USB-C cable collection here.

Source: OnePlus

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