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TYLT Introduces ENERGI Charging Station – Brings 5 Fast Charging Ports, Funding Now On Indiegogo

TYLT Introduces ENERGI Charging Station – Brings 5 Fast Charging Ports, Funding Now On Indiegogo

If you have multiple devices and you happen to need to charge them at all in the same time span, you might need something like a charging station. Depending on where you go to get one, they vary in price and quality. But, recently a company we love very much decided to release their own charging station. That company is TYLT and they call it the ENERGI Desktop Charging Station.

The ENERGI Station has five USB ports that feature SmartDetect technology. That means that it will provide the fastest charging the phone can handle. Here’s the cool part: Four of the ports are standard rapid charging ports while the fifth port doubles as a removable, portable 3,200 mAh battery pack. This has to be the best feature of this product by far.

Editor’s Note: Just to clarify, these ports are not Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0, but rather simply 2.4A output ports.

With the sleek design of the ENERGI Station, cable management is a breeze. Check out the video above to get a close look at the product.

While this is definitely a real product, TYLT needs your help to get it out there. TYLT wants to raise $30,000 in 30 days and deliver the products to the backers of the ENERGI station by November 2015. Here’s the different pledge tiers you can contribute at.

  • $35 – 1 ENERGI Charging Station – 250 available
  • $45 – 1 ENERGI Charging Station – 500 available
  • $55 – 1 ENERGI Charging Station – Available all day
  • $65 – 1 ENERGI Charging Station, 2 TYLT FLYP Duo Cables – 500 available
  • $75 – 1 ENERGI Charging Station, 3 TYLT FLYP Duo Cables – 500 available

Simply filling up the $35 and $45 tiers will bring this product to market, but make sure you get it on the action now as these prices are huge discounts over the final retail price.

Keep in mind that if you pay $65 or more, you get a 2-3 TYLT Duo cables, which retail at $26.99 each. They support both microUSB and Lightning charging ports. The ENERGI Station itself is set to retail at $99.00 when it releases later this year. Are you going to pick one up? You can do so at the link below.

Source: Indiegogo

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