Microsoft Unveils The Surface Book, Their First Laptop – Surface Pro 4 Also Announced

Microsoft has recently unveiled their latest Surface product, the Surface Book. This new laptop is a first for the company, and it’s designed from the ground up by Microsoft. Why does it exist? Microsoft says that they want to do the same for laptops that they did with tablets with the Surface lineup. Thus, the Surface Book was born.

This “ultimate laptop” certainly looks to live up to the hype. The laptop has a 13.5″ touch screen display, Fulcrum Hinge, backlit keyboard, NVIDIA GeForce GPU, GDDR5 RAM, and promises up to 12.5 hours of battery life.

While the specs on paper already sound great, what really sets the Surface Book apart is the hinge. Thanks to some very clever engineering, the Surface Book’s display can detach for use as a Windows tablet, then be reattached to regain access to the batteries and processing power found in the keyboard.

Microsoft calls the Surface Book “the most powerful 13-inch laptop ever”, and they’re probably right. Pre-orders for this laptop kick off October 7th starting at $1,499 with units shipping October 26th.

In addition to the Surface Book, Microsoft also updated their tablet lineup with the Surface Pro 4. This new tablet brings a 12.3″ display, 6th generation Intel processors, up to 1TB of storage and up to 16GB of RAM. There’s also a new Type Cover which Microsoft claims competes directly with high end laptop keyboards. To make things even sweeter, the keys are backlit and there’s a fingerprint scanner on board.

The Surface Pro 4 will be available for pre-order October 7th starting at $899 with units shipping starting October 26th.

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