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PSA: iOS 9 Mail App Has Been Wiping Email Accounts

PSA: iOS 9 Mail App Has Been Wiping Email Accounts

If you’re an iPhone owner, odds are you use the built in mail app. Why wouldn’t you? It’s great! Well, here’s a reason you may want to avoid using it, at least for a little while. It appears that a mysterious bug in iOS 9 is causing email accounts attached to the mail app to completely wipe email accounts.

Most reports have been coming from Gmail users, but there have also been many experiencing this issue with Yahoo and Outlook accounts. To be clear, this isn’t just wiping the emails from your phone, it’s doing it across the board.

Recovering the messages is possible in some cases however. Some users have reported that their messages appeared in the trash folder and from there could be recovered.

If you’ve experienced this issue with a Gmail account, Scott Greenstone has prepared a tutorial on how to get your messages back into your account.

It’s unknown what’s causing this bug or if Apple is working to fix it. For the time being, it’s probably not a bad idea to remove your account from the mail app and instead use Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, or other email clients. As far as we’re aware, this issue is completely random but is contained only to iOS 9.

Via: Scott Greenstone Via: Google Product Forums

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