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[RANT] Can We Please Stop Complaining About The Nexus 5X Specs?

[RANT] Can We Please Stop Complaining About The Nexus 5X Specs?

Ever since the day it was announced, the number one thing I’ve heard in people talking about the Nexus 5X is how disappointing it is. “It’s such a minor upgrade”, “LG really screwed this phone up”, etc. Why all the complaints on this new Nexus? Is there really anything to complain? Not really. Let me explain.

The Specs Are Actually Very Good

One of the biggest complaints I’ve heard so far is the specs. Let’s go over them once again. We’ve got a 5.2″ 1080p display, a Snapdragon 808 processor, 2GB of RAM, and 16/32GB of internal storage. Doesn’t sound too bad does it? It shouldn’t. While it’s true that these aren’t the most powerful specifications out there, They are more than enough to get the job done and should perform quite well. The Snapdragon 808 has proven to perform very well on phones like the LG G4 and Moto X Pure Edition.

The true sore point on this phone is the RAM. Many users are outraged that this phone has “only” 2GB of RAM. However 2GB of RAM is still more than enough for Android to run just as fast as ever. While yes, it does put some limits on the phone, it isn’t the end of the world by any means.

From the looks of it so far, the Nexus 5X is going to be a pretty sweet phone.

From the looks of it so far, the Nexus 5X is going to be a pretty sweet phone.

It’s A Huge Upgrade For Nexus 5 Users

Google themselves said at the launch of the Nexus 5X that it is a successor to the original Nexus 5. That wildly popular smartphone took the world by storm and became one of the most popular Nexus devices ever. However many users are saying that the Nexus 5X isn’t that big of an upgrade, but that’s not the case. Even though the RAM isn’t an upgrade, the processor, screen, and most significantly battery and camera are massive upgrades. That’s not even to mention the new additions of a fingerprint sensor and USB Type C.

Now let’s remember, everything we know about the Nexus 5X is all only on paper. A very select few have had their hands on it. We’ll definitely learn more as users get their hands on the phone, but for the timing being, can we please stop complaining about it?

/rant over

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  1. Hamforce


  2. Pieter Uys

    Not too bad spec for 2014.

  3. djdarkknight96

    Fuck no, 2 gig of ram is a slap in the face. Why have all those goodies if the Damn phone freezes all the Damn time. 3 gig or go the fuck home!

    Rant that


    • Connor Jewiss

      It could be worse though. That’s all I’m saying…

  4. papi92

    You are missing the point. It’s not the specs are bad. It’s that you pay $400+ for the 32gb model with 2gb of RAM. You can get more for that price with a Pure, OP2, G4, N6 (original), etc. Also the fact that it even has a 16gb model is insane in today’s world. Games and movies are GBs in size and music is growing also.

  5. Joshua Bane

    I smell a fanboy 😉

    • Ben Schoon

      Not really. I’m just tired of people looking at specs on paper and saying “oh, that sucks”

      • Joshua Bane

        hence the winky face…

  6. Willyciccettomollo

    Nexus is the best.