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Leaked Documents Reveal New Information About Upcoming DROID Phones

Leaked Documents Reveal New Information About Upcoming DROID Phones

We’re right around the corner from the event that Motorola has scheduled for the 27th of this month. This is the event where Motorola and Verizon will almost certainly take the curtain off of their new DROID smartphones, the Turbo 2 and MAXX 2. However by the time that event takes place the world might already know just about everything there is to know about these devices due to leaks.

The latest leak that just began sweeping the web is some sort of leaked Verizon document which shines some light on new details of the upcoming DROID devices. The first bit of information does not come as a surprise, the DROID MAXX 2 will supposedly achieve 48 hours of battery life. The MAXX 2 will also supposedly have a number of different back plate colors for customers to choose from.

Perhaps the most interesting information confirmed in this leaked document is that the DROID Turbo 2 will be fully customizable through Motorola’s Moto Maker website. We aren’t just talking being able to choose the color of your Turbo 2 via Moto Maker, customers will supposedly also be able to choose different back plate materials and event opt for a shatter-proof display. Verizon has even decided to make a play on shattered screens and let customers trade in a smartphone with a cracked screen for up to $300 towards a brand new Turbo 2. Only about a week and a half separates us from officially learning everything about the upcoming DROID devices. Until then just keep an eye out for the leaks because they are prevalent right now.

Source: Droid-Life Via: Android Central

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