Google Is Requiring OEMs To Leave Doze Mode Untouched On Android 6.0

Android Marshmallow doesn’t bring much new to the OS in terms of aesthetics, but under the hood this may very well be one of the biggest upgrades ever. One of the favorite features of many users so far has been Doze which has provided many users with massive battery life upgrades. It’s a great feature and now Google is taking steps to ensure that OEMs don’t mess it up.

Listed in the Android 6.0 Compatibility Definition Document is exactly what OEMs must do with this feature.

8.3.Power-Saving Modes

All apps exempted from App Standby and/or Doze mode MUST be made visible to the end user. Further, the triggering, maintenance, wakeup algorithms and the use of Global system settings of these power-saving modes MUST not deviate from the Android Open Source Project.

So what does this mean? First of all it means that if an OEM wants to allow an app to work outside of the Doze feature, they cannot hide that from the user. Users are able to see what apps are outside of Doze by heading into battery settings and taking a look at the battery optimization screen. By default DMService (Android Device Manager) and Google Play services are excluded from Doze. Google doesn’t say that OEMs will need to allow you to remove any exemption they create, but at the very least you’ll be able to know about it.

By default Doze excludes Google Play Services and Android Device Manager.

By default Doze excludes Google Play Services and Android Device Manager.

The more important part of Google’s rules however is that OEMs are not allows to change how Doze actually works. They cannot change what triggers it or what it does. That means that regardless of the device you’re on, Doze will function exactly the same on all of them. No matter how you look at this, it’s awesome news.

Via: Android Police
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