The Work That Went Into Those New Android Marshmallow Wallpapers (Plus Two New Ones)

Every new major release of Android brings with it many changes, both visually and feature wise. One of those visual changes comes in the form of new wallpapers, something that some people very much look forward to with new iterations of Android. Well, it turns out that those of us who are already running the latest version of Android, Marshmallow, are taking some of the new wallpapers for granted.

It turns out that we are taking for granted three of Android Marshmallow’s ten new wallpapers. More specifically, the three abstract, geometric wallpapers that are included in Marshmallow. Today Google posted an article on their official design website that talks a bit about how these three wallpapers were painstakingly created by one man by the name of Carl Kleiner. Many of you have probably never heard of Carl but if you have used either Android Lollipop or Marshmallow then you are familiar with some of his work.

An example of how the wallpapers were made.

An example of how the wallpapers were made.

Carl Kleiner not only created these three new “paperscape” wallpapers in Android Marshmallow, but he also created the ones in Android Lollipop. His work even had some influence on Google’s Material Design as a whole. It turns out that a lot of work actually goes into these paperscape creations of Carls. You see, these works of art are not digitally made, they are physically created and then photographed to be made into the wallpapers that were included in Lollipop and Marshmallow.

The wallpapers that Carl created only incorporated “core Google brand colors” with some gray tossed in, according to Google. Carl also makes sure to take advantage of different types of paper that have different textures as to keep things interesting and give the wallpapers a bit of depth. Another key aspect of these wallpapers is that they are created with mathematical precision, making them much more pleasing to the eye. Overall it sounds like Carl puts a lot of time and effort into these wallpapers, time an effort that most of us don’t realize is required to create such a thing.

One last thing worth mentioning is that Google is celebrating the launch of Android Marshmallow today with two new paperscape wallpapers created by Carl. You can grab those two new wallpapers and learn more about what went into creating them by clicking the source link below.

Source: Google Design
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