Both Of This Year’s Nexus Phones Have Notification LEDs That You Can Actually Use

It’s that magical time of year again for Android lovers, that time when the new Nexus smartphone is getting ready to hit people’s doorsteps. Except this year it there is two new Nexus smartphones, which is grounds for people to be even more excited and they definitely seem to be. It’s also that time when the embargo lifts and sites that cover Android-related affairs can finally talk to the world about the new Nexus phones that they have had for a few days.

When the embargo on Nexus information lifted yesterday, there was quite a bit of information that all of the different Android news sites threw out there. Despite this, there is something that not many of the sites are talking about, the notification LEDs that both the Nexus 5X and 6P possess. Yes, both of this year’s Nexus smartphones have notification LEDs and yes you will actually be able to use them. The Nexus 5X has one located in the middle of the bottom speaker grill and the 6P has one in the top left next to the camera. Not like last year’s Nexus 6, which had a notification LED that was unable to be used without root access.

Notification LEDs on Nexus 6P (left) and Nexus 5X (right). Via: Android Police

Notification LEDs on Nexus 6P (left) and Nexus 5X (right). Via: Android Police

With the Nexus 5X and 6P, all you have to do in order to enable the notification LED is go to settings and under ‘Sound & Notifications’ enable ‘Pulse notification light.’ Once this is done you will be able to use the Notification LED just like you would on any other smartphone. Even third-party apps like Light Flow will work with the notification LED.

Images Via: Android Police
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