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Nexus 5X First Impressions

Nexus 5X First Impressions

Just 24 hours ago I was rushing home from work to unbox my Nexus 5X. As the successor to the famous Nexus 5, the 5X certainly has a lot to live up to. Over the next several days I’ll be putting the Nexus 5X through it’s paces, comparing it to a couple other devices, and putting together my full review. For now though, here’s my first thoughts after the first day of use.

It Doesn’t Feel Cheap

The biggest thing I’ve been hearing from early Nexus 5X owners is complaints about the build quality. Let’s just get this out of the way. Yes, it’s plastic. No, it’s not very premium. Most of all though, no, it doesn’t feel cheap. Many who I’ve seen complaining about the Nexus 5X feeling cheap are mistaken, but for good reason. The Nexus 5X has a matte plastic build that feels a bit less solid than I would have preferred, but it doesn’t feel cheap. Rather, this phone is just crazy light. The weight makes the phone feel less substantial than it should. While I don’t love that, this phone doesn’t feel cheap by any means.

The Fingerprint Scanner Is Stupid Fast

On the back of the Nexus 5X is a fingerprint scanner. “Nexus Imprint” as Google calls it, is just stupid fast. There’s really no other way to put it. It feels faster than the Galaxy S6 and the Note 5 and is also more accurate. The position on the rear of the phone helps keep you from mistakenly placing your finger in the wrong spot and getting an incorrect read. After just a couple hours of use, I found the scanner to work brilliantly. So far it’s only missed my fingerprint a handful of times, but that’s my own fault for placing my finger too low or too high.

Nexus Imprint is an extremely fast and accurate fingerprint sensor.

Nexus Imprint is an extremely fast and accurate fingerprint sensor.

The Camera Is Actually Good…

Hang on a second. I need to make sure I’m actually awake here. *slaps self* Yup. This is actually happening. Google finally figured out how to put a good camera in a Nexus smartphone. The 12.3MP camera on the back of the Nexus 5X is actually very good not only when compared to previous Nexus smartphones, but also to even the likes of the Note 5 and others. Is it perfect? Not at all. My testing has been a bit limited so far, but so far I’m pretty pleased with this camera. More shots will come in the full review, but you can check out the couple below to get an idea of what this shooter is capable of.

"Stop taking pictures and give us the treat!!!"

“Stop taking pictures and give us the treat!!!”

In case you weren't already aware, yes, I'm a total nerd.

In case you weren’t already aware, yes, I’m a total nerd. Also, this camera is solid in low light.

Full size samples

Battery Life Is Fairly Solid

One of the biggest complaints on the original Nexus 5 was the battery life. So far with the Nexus 5X, I’m pretty please with the battery life. It’s not amazing, but it’s fairly solid for my use so far. I’ll be testing it a lot more over the next few days.

Nexus 5X battery life is pretty decent so far.

Nexus 5X battery life is pretty decent so far.

So far the Nexus 5X is pretty good. I’ll need to test it out quite a bit more before I put together my full review. If there are any questions you’d like answered in that review, leave a comment below and I’ll be sure to address it.

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  1. Smaug

    Love the article. I also got my nexus 5x yesterday. I love it.

  2. JW

    Great article Ben ! If i hadn’t recently traded up from my beloved Nexus 5 to a Nexus 6 (2014) your article would make me consider getting the Nexus 5X. (Too soon for me to upgrade yet again.)