Many Nexus 5X Cases Cover The Primary Microphone – Here’s A Few That Don’t

With Google’s new round of Nexus smartphones, there’s been some roadblocks in the accessory department. Namely with charging accessories. Since these new phones pack the emerging USB C port for charging, many accessories don’t work. However now we’ve got an issue with cases. With some early Nexus 5X cases the primary microphone is completely covered.

This microphone is the one used for phone calls and they do make phone calls sound muffled. My own TUDIA case for the Nexus 5X has this same issue as do many cases from Cruzerlite, Diztronic, and Verus. Some of these manufacturers do seem to be aware of the issue and are sending replacements. Cases release from this point forward will undoubtedly not have this issue, but if you’re looking for a case right now, I’ve linked a few below that do not cover the primary microphone.

Via: Android Police
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