Gaming Month 2015 – Macaulay’s Top Tens

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It’s that time of the year again! Time for the return of Gaming Month with yours truly! Instead of keeping the same categories as last year, I’ll be changing things up a bit with the exception of my Top Ten Games of 2015.

As always, the point of making these lists is to share my favorite parts of the games I’ve played in 2015. Feel free to agree or disagree, and be sure to share your personal favorites in the comments below.

Be aware that it’ll be harder to dance around stuff this year compared to last (especially the first category), so expect spoilers.

The lineup for Gaming Month 2015 is;

Top Ten Boss HeaderTop Ten Boss Battles – November 4th

Boss battles are some of the best moments in video games, and I experienced quite a few good ones in 2015. This category doesn’t just apply to recent releases, it also applies to older games that I’ve played this year. Spoilers will also be abundant here, so I’ll try not to spoil anything beyond the boss names in each entry title.

Top 5 Bottom 5 Sonic HeaderTop 5/Bottom 5 Sonic Games – November 11th

I think it’s safe to say that the Sonic franchise has had one of the roughest histories in the industry. Still, there have been quite a few good Sonic games in the sea of recent bad ones, so I think it’ll be a great subject to try a Top 5/Bottom 5 list. For the sake of fairness, no cheap shots since this only applies to Sonic games I’ve played. You can rest easy, Sonic ‘06.

Top Ten 2016 HeaderTop Ten Anticipated Games of 2016 – November 18th

I’ve gotta be honest, I normally don’t like to do anticipation lists in general. However, seeing the number of games I’m actually looking forward to in 2016 (and how I needed another category to fill the schedule), I think now’s as good a time as any to start. I may need to elaborate on games and franchises related to each entry to some degree, so it’ll be safest to anticipate spoilers for those.

Top Ten 2015 HeaderTop Ten Games – November 25th

Here it is. Time for the finale of my Gaming Month articles with my Top Ten Games of 2015. While I won’t spoil what I’ve put on this list, I will say that I’m surprised at what kinds of games I loved this year that qualify for my Top Ten. Like last year, each entry will be a bit of a mini review. Unless these games are involved in any other category, I won’t be spoiling these too hard. I prefer to let you guys try them yourselves.

I hope that you all enjoy what’s in store this year. Next Wednesday, I’ll be kicking off my second annual Gaming Month Top Tens with my Top Ten Boss Battles, so be sure to check back in!