Blackberry Priv, HTC One A9, Gear S2, Watch Urbane 2nd Edition All Hit AT&T November 6th

November 6th is shaping up to be a huge launch day for AT&T. Starting that day they will being selling 4 new devices, two smartphones and two connected wearables. First and foremost, the Blackberry Priv. AT&T today announced that they will be carrying the Blackberry Priv starting on November 6th for $249 on contract or on monthly payments for as low as $24.67. AT&T is the first carrier to announce their intention to carry this device, but I’d be lying if I told you they were going to be the only.

Following up on that news is another Android smartphone, this time from HTC, the new One A9. This new phone has been grabbing headlines for a week or so now and starting on November 6th AT&T will be adding this device to their catalog. This device is available for pre-order right now with on-contract pricing landing at $99 with monthly payments starting at $17.34. The A9 is also available for pre-order from Sprint.

The HTC One A9 is available for pre-order at AT&T in both Carbon Gray and Opal Silver.

The HTC One A9 is available for pre-order at AT&T in both Carbon Gray and Opal Silver.

Following that AT&T will also be launching two new wearables. On one hand we’ll have the Samsung Gear S2 LTE and the LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition LTE. Both of these new wearables will come in at $15 a month for 20 months or $199 with a 2-year contract. Adding service to either device will cost $10 a month. Pre-orders kick off on November 6th will availability later this month. November 13th for the Watch Urbane 2nd Edition and November 20th for the Gear S2.

In case you’ve forgotten the LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition is the first Android Wear device to pack built in LTE and the Gear S2 is the first circular Tizen wearable. Both devices will also be the first to bring AT&T’s NumberSync which allows multiple devices to share the same phone number. This feature will hit the Gear S2 at launch and will come to the Watch Urbane in “early 2016”.

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