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Google Is Reportedly Considering Building An Android Phone On Their Own

Google Is Reportedly Considering Building An Android Phone On Their Own

Android is a great platform, but there’s one advantage Apple will also have over it, they control the hardware and the software. Even in Google’s Nexus line, this isn’t the case. The software is from Google and in many cases the design, but the chipset under the hood and the phone itself are built by someone else. We heard last week that Google might be working on their own mobile processor, and now they’re taking things a step further. According to The Information, Google is at least considering working on their own Android smartphone built from scratch.

The report states that Google is currently having internal discussions on the the topic although so far nothing has been pushed forward. However, what would be the point of Google making their own smartphone? The easy answer is to gain more control over the Android ecosystem. A smartphone designed by Google from the bottom up would allow them to gain even more control over the experience and can provide even faster updates.

But what is the point? That’s a tough one. While it would be great to see Google make their own smartphone, it could cause some friction between them and Android OEMs, especially if the phone were to sell very well. It’s a touchy subject and right now, there’s not enough information out there to tell us what is actually going on. Regardless, it should be interesting to see how this story expands in the future.

Source: The Information

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