You Might Have Missed It, But The Blackberry Priv Does Have Wireless Charging, Depending On Where You Buy It

The Blackberry Priv started shipping last week and so far the reviews have been great. It looks like Blackberry might just have a hit on it’s hands. However one thing you might have missed, it has wireless charging. Packed inside of the STV100-1 model of the Blackberry Priv is support for both Qi and PMA wireless charging. This is something a lot of people have glossed over and something Blackberry wasn’t exactly quick to mention either.

Whether or not your Priv will have wireless charging however depends on where you live. In the US Blackberry is selling the STV100-1 model which has support, but in Canada they are selling a different model. Canadian carriers will be offering the STV100-3 model which does not support any wireless charging at all. Blackberry has also confirmed to MobileSyrup that unlocked models ordered from Blackberry will have wireless charging. It’s a bit disappointing to see Canadian carriers dropping support, but at least it’ll be retained in the unlocked model. Hopefully US carriers won’t also remove the feature.

Via: Pocketnow
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