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Facebook Introduces “Notify” News App, Currently Available For iOS

Facebook Introduces “Notify” News App, Currently Available For iOS

Facebook has released a new app this morning. It’s called Notify. As of now, it is only available for iOS users, so if you’re using an Android phone, you’ll have to wait a while.

Notify brings you notifications from various different sources such as Bleacher Report, FOX Sports, CNN, Fandango, Vogue, The Weather Channel, and more. This allows you to get all of your information from a single app, not a variety of apps. Inside Notify, you decide which sources you want to receive push notifications from, all from an easy-to-view list. At the moment, Facebook is still working to bring additional sources to the application.

Notifications you receive can then be shared with friends via text, email, or on Facebook (unsurprisingly), or you can save the notifications for later viewing. Facebook has not yet stated they are bringing the app to Android, and it wasn’t in the press release, but it might be safe to assume they will eventually, although.

Source: Facebook Download on iTunes

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