T-Mobile Increasing Prices On Some Lines Including Unlimited Starting November 15th

While we’re all still loving yesterday’s big Uncarrier X announcements, with every bit of good news comes something bad. In this case it’s an increase in prices. Starting on November 15th, prices on certain plans will be increasing, most significantly the Unlimited plan. Unlimited users will be getting an increase in price from $80 to $95 per month. Of course you are now getting twice as much tethering data, but regardless it’s a bit disappointing to see the price increased right after the “free” upgrade.

However the unlimited line isn’t the only one being increased. T-Mobile’s 10GB for two lines plan will be increased to $120 from $100. Single lines with 3GB of data (soon being doubled to 6GB) will increase by $5 to $65 a month as well.

Luckily these price changes will not take effect for existing users. These prices will only apply for new users, at least for now. It’s entirely possible that the reason for this is to help cover the costs of the new Binge On program, but either way, this shouldn’t be seen as a surprise. T-Mobile is a business in the end. If you’re planning on signing up for a T-Mobile account, be sure to do so before November 15th to lock in current pricing!

Source: CNN
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