YouTube Music App Launched For Android And iOS

Music on YouTube has always been popular and over the past few years, it’s only getting even more popular. Over 1 billion people every year listen to music on YouTube and today it gets easier than ever. In effort to further support artists and the fans of music on YouTube, Google is launching an official YouTube music application for both Android and iOS.

This new app gives users quick and easy access to music from various artists on YouTube and it makes it easier than ever to discover new music. If you use YouTube Red you’ll be able to download your music and listen offline as well as having no ads. You’ll even have an optional audio only mode. There will be a 14-day free trial for users who have yet to use YouTube Red as well. For now this app is US only, but it’s available for both Android and iOS right now at the links below.

Source: YouTube Google Play Apple App Store
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