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Moko Qi Wireless Charging Stand – Sleek Meets Efficient

Moko Qi Wireless Charging Stand – Sleek Meets Efficient

I have way too many wires on my desk. Too many. Because of that, I don’t want any more accessories that have a wire that I need to fiddle with to charge my phone or tablet. That’s why I bring you the Moko Qi Wireless Charging Stand. Another great charging option if you hate dealing with wires and your device is, in fact, compatible.Now as with a lot of accessory reviews, the article tends to be point blank, meaning it has this one function and it does it well. So let’s talk about how well it does it.

There are phone stands, and there are wireless charging pads. But then there are wireless charging stands that make it easy when you want to charge your device and possibly be productive at the same time. You could possibly want to watch a movie on your device. But because of the angle of the stand, you may not want to do that unless you enjoy straining your neck.

The Moko Stand is pretty good at charging your device whether big or small. I‘ve tested it with my Nexus 6 and also my Galaxy S6 Edge+. The only problem is that it claims to be “free positioning”, which means that you can place your device in a portrait position or a landscape position. But i had a small issue with my Nexus 6 in landscape mode. If I actually wanted a charge, I had to move my Nexus to the left a tad bit for it to respond to the sensor and charge my device.


It’s easy to know if you are charging your device because of the LED located under the bottom lip of the stand. When your device is charging, the LED is blue. If the LED is red, it means nothing is charging nd the stand is idle. If you decide to place your phone in landscape mode, you may get a red/blue flicker. That means that the stand is having trouble getting a connection to your device.


Anything on your desk should look sleek, right? Well I found that this stand looks perfect on my desk. It’s good-looking and comes in three colors: White, Black, and a light Blue. The angle is perfect, coming in at around 40 degrees. Because of that it can lie right in front of my monitor without blocking any of my view. If you want a good-looking wireless charging stand and have a device that’s compatible, I wouldn’t feel bad at all recommending this product.

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