Huawei Has Developed A 3,000 mAh Battery That Charges From 0-48% In Just 5 Minutes

One of the biggest issues with 2015 smartphones has been battery life. With devices getting thinner and batteries getting smaller, getting charged up quick has become more important than ever before. While advancements like Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 have been welcome, Huawei has just blown it all out of the water.

Huawei’s Watt Lab has just recently announced a new lithium-ion battery that charges over 10 times faster than devices using Qualcomm Quick Charge. The new battery uses heteroatoms bonded to the molecule of graphite in anode. What the heck does that mean? Essentially, super fast charging speeds without a loss of battery endurance.

Huawei was able to use a 3,000 mAh battery using this technology and get it charged from 0% to 48% in just a mere five minutes. A smaller 600 mAh battery went from 0% to 68% in just 2 minutes. Huawei believes this new technology could lead a “revolution” in devices such as smartphones, wearable, and even electric vehicles. It’s unknown when this tech will hit the market, if ever, but we can only hope it will and we’re excited for it to one day happen.

Source: Huawei
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