Sony FES E-Paper Smartwatch Landing On Shelves This Month

Sony’s FES Watch is finally going on sale later on this month. The watch will be appearing on a few store shelves exclusively in Japan rather than a wide product rollout. The new watch will be stocked at the MoMA Desgin Store on Omotesando, Tokyo starting from this Saturday, while sales begin in Isetan in Shinjuku  on December 1st. These two stores are more fashion than gadget oriented, so Sony is clearly after a different type of crowd with the FES Watch.

All of this does sense however since we’re not looking at a normal smartwatch here. The FES Watch is different from the average smartwatch in that the e-paper display actually wraps around the entire strap. This means there’s a selection of customizable watch faces and strap designs that can be displayed using the e-paper display.

This shows the changeable display on the Sony FES watch.

This shows the changeable display on the Sony FES watch.

Although Sony isn’t planning a wide launch, the FES Watch will apparently be brought to other stores in the future. The watch will retail with a price tag of ¥29,700 (about $242 or £159).

Source: Android Authority
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