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LG G5 Could Ditch The Plastic In Favor Of A Metal Exterior

LG G5 Could Ditch The Plastic In Favor Of A Metal Exterior

According to etnews, LG may be making a big change in their next flagship, the LG G5. Rather than using the plastic materials they’ve used for the past few models, the G5 could bring metal to the table, something we’ve been eagerly awaiting. etnews claims to have a source with hands-on time with a prototype of the new LG G5 and they stated that “the design takes a major step forward than previous smartphones.”. This could mean that LG is bringing an all new design to the G5 as well, but that is not confirmed in any way.

LG is also reportedly taking steps to have the device available right after it’s official announcement. Most of the time smartphones take at least a couple of weeks to actually become available through carriers and unlocked. Eliminating that delay could lead to more sales since more buyers would be interested.

The LG G5 is expected to be announced sometime between February and MWC, potentially putting it in direct competition with the Samsung Galaxy S7. We don’t know what else the LG G5 will bring, but we can’t wait to find out.

Source: etnews

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