The Google Search App For Android Now Allows You To “Stream” Apps Without Downloading Them

The Google Search app is a very powerful application, on every platform, but the Android version just picked up some amazing new functionality. Google is now able to let you test out new applications directly from the Google Search app without even downloading it. Through select apps and searches you’ll be able to stream an app to better access content on mobile, as you can see in the GIF below. This functionality will only be available when on WiFi and it is in beta for now only. The only apps doing this right now areHoteTonight, Chimani, Daily Horoscope, and New York Subway.


Google is also taking their work in indexing apps to a whole new level. Previously Google would show results in search from apps that you did or did not have installed, but now they’ll show information from apps that does not have a matching presence on the web. Not all applications have matching information available on the internet so now rather than users having to download the app to find information, Google will show that information in search.

These are two huge steps forward for the Google Search app and the possibilities could be great as both features mature.


Source: Google
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